A Long Way to Go

I am sitting at my desk trying to do some work. I was going to say ‘real’ work but I am not sure what that means any more – at any rate, work that I get paid for. But I am having trouble concentrating. It’s all too easy to flip over to google and look for another Tour d’Afrique blog from years past. I have read through quite a few of these in the last week or so – and there are some very good ones. I know it is only June and the ride doesn’t start until next January. I know there is a long way to go between now and then. I know I need to focus on ‘work’ work. So perhaps it is a good thing that the water pump broke this morning and we have no water in the house. It brings you back to now. Organise the fundi to come and make the necessary repairs. Make sure it happens. Feed the dog. Back to my desk. I will focus.

2 responses to “A Long Way to Go

  1. The google-about-TDA-thing sounds so familiar to me!
    CU in Cairo!
    Thijs (also participant of TDA2013)

  2. Great. Look forward to seeing you then.

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