Sign of things to come

It has been a week of mechanical failure.  The front derailleur on my TREK hyrbrid seized – too much water and mud – and my chain had stretched to an unhealthy degree. Both needed replacing. I decided at the same time to change the derailleur cable and discovered some all but broken plastic bits in the hand mechanism. Then I popped some spokes on the back wheel of the same bike. No spares. Need to order some. The wobble is too much to ride on – bike out of commission. So I rode my old road bike. Somehow the left peddle fell off and stripped the threads on the left crank arm (or stripped the threads and fell off). Shit. I hope I get all of this kind of stuff out of my system now.

4 responses to “Sign of things to come

  1. just goes to show that you need more than a toothbrush in your pocket for this trip…. lots of spare parts….pam

  2. All part of the experience isn’t it? You’re just getting ahead of the curve.
    keep Smilin

  3. Better to have it before tour than to have it on tour!

  4. Road bike is back on the road. TREK almost back on the road. Just waiting on the new spokes now. Cheers.

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