Bike discourse: Or why I like lists

I like lists because they are, in a way, the starting point for our discourse, for our stories. Finding the discourse or story is just giving shape, structure and possibly meaning to the bits of narrative found in the gaps between and underneath the items on a list.

It doesn’t matter whether you are writing fiction or an audit report (although in many cases these days they are the same thing).  You still start with a list – or the evidence and data (fiction simply means you invent the evidence – you make up the list). Years a go when I was writing some technical report somebody said: ’Just start with the data and tell the story in the data’. Good advice.

But don’t worry. I won’t bore you with the bits of narrative in the gaps between the multi tool and the tire levers on my ‘tools and bike bits’ list, or the ‘2 packs of baby wipes and nail clippers’ on my hygiene list. Some stories just aren’t worth telling.

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6 responses to “Bike discourse: Or why I like lists

  1. Nail clippers, good one! Wasn’t on my list yet…
    Consumable items like baby wipes, soap, sun cream, etc, are on my ‘buy-in-Cairo’-list

  2. Can be useful to share lists between participants. It isn’t useful to have 30 tent hammers on tour, but without it can be hard as well…

  3. Happy share my lists. I will add a page of lists.

  4. List are now uploaded. See ‘Lists – Stuff to take’ at the top.

  5. clearly a meta list is needed

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