What’s a bike for?

When you cycle around Dar you see bikes used in so many different ways. A bike may be used just to get from A to B. But it may also be used to carry 60 or 80 coconuts. It may be used to carry a stack of two-dozen egg trays, each tray holding 2 ½ dozen eggs. Charcoal is the big one. They burn charcoal here and put it in 50 and 100-pound bags. I have seen bikes with at least ten 50-pound bags on the back.  I have no idea how they get them to stand up or how the back tire to stays inflated. They carry boxes of tomatoes and shoes, and big poles displaying underwear. This morning I saw a guy taking his kid to school on the back of his bike. The kid was sitting in a small green plastic lawn chair that had been tied to the rack on the back of the bike with an old inner tube. The kid was having a great chuckle.  He was probably looking for an ice cream bike. You don’t get ice cream vans here. You get ice cream bikes with a big cooler on the front. And then we put on day-glo spandex and ponce around for no real reason at all – other than we like it. And we wonder why they stare at us.

Don’t forget to donate to the Sickle Cell Foundation of Tanzania.

ChipIn: Sickle Cell Foundation of Tanzania


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