Still feel like a slug

sluhRode a bit longer today and a bit better but still feel like a slug. I felt so good at the end of October. It takes a while to get it back. My new Garmin tracks 5 mile splits. Kinda cool. On Thursday and Friday my suet sacks were pulling me along at around 19:40 per 5 miles. Today I was averaging around 18:10 for the first three splits. I then had a small mechanical problem which took a couple of minutes to fix. When I got going again my splits fell back to around 19:40. I only just got the Garmin so I don’t have splits for October. But on one ride I was with a friend who had a computer on his bike. We averaged about 29.8 km/hr. That would be a split of about 16:15. So a lot of work to do to get back to where I was. On the Tour there will be good days and bad days. And a lot of days. I think I will try to moderate my pace at the beginning to make sure I always have a bit left in the tank. So it would be good to know 16:15 is in the tank. But I would be happy to pace myself at around 19 or 20  for a while to see how I recover.

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4 responses to “Still feel like a slug

  1. 18:10 is still pretty respectable on those times. I have a similar Garmin and think I’ve had a good split if it is less than 24 minutes. Have fun with your training rides.

  2. Thanks Mike. How did your long ride go?

  3. I don’t ride with splits (and 5 miles in 18 minutes doesn’t say anything to me) but calculated that 18:10 should be around 26,5km/h
    That’s still a good speed! I think that’s around my ‘full-speed’-long-distance-speed, but i’ll try to bike slower to save energy for those moments I need it.

  4. Thijs, yes I agree. I will be cautious at the beginning and try to conserve energy and recover well.

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