Little by little

I did the same ride today as yesterday and felt a little bit better. Thursday my average speed for the whole ride was 24.0km/hr, on Friday it was 24.2km/hr, on Saturday it was 24.8km/hr and today it was 25.4km/hr. But my legs still feel leaden. They don’t yet have that snap back, that sense that they can go into overdrive when asked. I’ll get in one more ride tomorrow and then I am back on a plane and away for another 10 days. I’ll have to see if I can find a fitness centre in the hotel – something I’m not good at. Training, like so much else, depends on habit. At home that means I get up in the morning and go cycling when the sun comes up. I like to be outside. I have never been good at going to a gym and working out. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever done it.  Not a habit. I don’t really spin either. I don’t have a spinner at home. I bought one about fifteen years ago but didn’t use it much. And in one move or another it seems to have disappeared. Cycling is about getting up early and being outside. We’ll see what happens next week on the road. Maybe anxiety will override lack of habit.

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2 responses to “Little by little

  1. Your old spinner ended up at my house. I think I picked it up from Laura’s along with your Miyata in order to train for the ride through France. I used it a bit that winter and the following one, but then it broke. I bought a new one a few years ago, but haven’t used it much either. I have been thinking of getting my bike in and setting it up for this winter, but haven’t got around to it. Maybe today. Good luck, buddy.

  2. Another small mystery solved. Perfect. Spinning really is a winter thing. If I had to deal with winter I would probably give it a try again. Get on the bike.

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