Last minute arrival

alans cycle shirt-CADThe cycling jerseys have finally arrived. What a saga. The jerseys arrived in Dar early in the morning of Wednesday December 12. It has taken until now to get them released from customs. They were released at 16:22. At 17:00 the office closes for Christmas. Brinksmanship. When the jerseys arrived I was told that I had to pay about 660,000 shillings in duty and tax (for a few cycling jerseys mind) or about $450. An outrageous amount I thought. We have diplomatic status so anything we receive should be tax and duty free anyway (this is called PR06 status – we have pre-approved PR06 papers on file). We have never had any problem bringing stuff in in the past. I mentioned this and they kindly said they would re-assign customs status. They did. They now asked for 1.1 million shillings or over $700 (for a few jerseys). Go figure. It is Christmas after all. Customs was upping the ante. They did not want to see the PR06 on file. They would only accept a new PRO6 document for this package specifically. A PR06 has to be signed by the Foreign Minister. To make a long story short, the new PR06 was delivered at 16:05. The package was released at 16:22.

38 minutes to spare – or I would have been riding topless.

Don’t forget to donate to the Sickle Cell Foundation of Tanzania.

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5 responses to “Last minute arrival

  1. Thanks to Daniel Mgala for helping to sort things out.

  2. Nothing can stop you now Alan. We have arrived in Cairo and are already preparing to wave you off for your heroics Alan. My cell phone nr here is +201204184431

    Alex Saelaert +255682895247

  3. Topless could be fun. But your arms will be the red of the shirt in no time. ! We could have used some yellow paint and heat transfers for the sponsor logos. :–)

  4. Or just tattoo the whole lot on!

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