Sudan Visa II

I was at the new Sudan Embassy by 9:15 this morning. There was red carpet all over the street in front of the building and a huge black Mercedes with tinted windows parked on top of the carpet. But there were few people around. However, the door was open so I wandered in. The visa section appeared to be closed. The room was filled with flowers, flags, banners, signs and posters. And there as a big ceremonial table and chairs in front of the visa counter. As it turns out, the Foregin Minister of the Sudan is in Town and there is a formal ceremony to open the new Embassy building this morning. Shortly after I entered the building an important looking guy – big and wearing a well cut blue suit – appeared through a door from an inner courtyard. I approached him and said I had come to pick up my visa and passport. He looked at me a growled a bit. But I think he made a quick calculation and decided that the best way to get rid of me before the Minister arrived in full splendour was to get me my passport. So he waved someone over and sent him to retrieve it. Two minutes later I had my passport with visa and was gone. It took less than 24 hours from the time I submitted my stuff to the receipt of the visa. And unless anybody managed to get same day service yseterday I may well have been the first person to get a visa from the new Embassy. Gotta be a good omen.

2 responses to “Sudan Visa II

  1. Wow an actual 24hour turnaround service in Africa. That is new

  2. Got the visa, got the bike now for some fun riding. Looking forward to the travelogue. Have a good ferry ride.

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