My Race Number

2013-01-10 14.54.27

Just got my race number. Starting line in 17 hours.

10 responses to “My Race Number

  1. We admire yur dedication and wish you lots of pleasure and success in your activity

    Barbara and Andrew

  2. Colour scheme works well.
    Where’s the picture of the new you look?

  3. Ciao Alan! This is really great, I (and my husband) are so amazed by this!!

    I wish you all the best and enjoy this great experience!

    A big hug of good luck!


  4. Great to see – my tutor group and I will be following your progress on our big Africa map in the classroom. Best of luck – very jealous!

  5. the countdown begins!!! sending big waves of stamina to you Alan!! You are awesome!!

  6. All the best, Alan! We’re following and cheering.

  7. I’m with you my friend, i got a stationary bike so Eileen and i could ride along on your journey. Unfortunately we can only get about 50k a day in so i pretty sure you’re going to beat us there! All the best! Looking forward to the progress reports

  8. Enjoy the ride and all the sites and sounds. Looking forward to the stories. Make friends with that saddle…… Have fun. The braai and pool will be ready when you hit Lusaka.

  9. Thanks all. In Safaga tonight and have internet access. Just about to write some blogs.

  10. Hope it goes great for you Alan!

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