Snake charming

Day 7 – Rest day in Luxor

I had been to Luxor with Liz and the girls only two weeks before so, unlike many of the others on the tour, I did not spend the day seeing the sights. I shared a room with Vince at the hotel. We were both up early and wandered into town shortly after 6. The place was all but dead. Luxor is not a morning place. It only seems to come alive at night when it is cooler. But we did find a bakery, still baking from the night before. We bought some warm croissants and other pastries and some bread rolls for lunch.  On days off TdA does not feed us. We wandered into the market area and eventually found a café that was just opening. We had some fresh squeezed orange juice. It took a while though because the café owner had to go out and buy some oranges first. Lazy morning. Got the laundry done. Gave the bike a good clean and once over. Later we went to a shop and bought some tuna and cheese and had a picnic lunch on the balcony.

The Camp and Hotel owners were very keen to sell us stuff. I think we were the first group that had stayed at the hotel all season. Business is really off. They had put on a dinner the night before. But it was kind of expensive so I went into town with John, another Kiwi, and had a pizza. The evening of the rest day the hotel owners put on a dinner and a show with belly dancers and snake charmers. It was also a bit pricey so I went into town with about a dozen people. We ended up in an open-air restaurant on the top of a five-story building overlooking the Temple of Luxor. The temple was lit up, the Nile just visible beyond it. It was a magical view.

When we got back to the hotel the belly dancing and snake charming were in full swing. The slightly chubby belly dancer looked very bored. The hotels owners were working hard to make it interactive by getting tour members to get up and dance, just my kind of thing. I went to bed, but perhaps too early. Apparently one of the riders was convinced to get up on stage during the snake-charming act. The snake was fed up one of his pant legs, slithered across the front and down and out the other. Better him than me.

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