Calorie deficit

Day 13, Stage 9 – 149km

Start: Wadi Halfa – Camp in Football Field

Finish – Desert Camp by Nile

It is now hot. The flys have come off the tents and people are sleeping just under the webbing. Today was a long day so I decided to change tactics a bit. I decided not going to race to race the whole day and that after lunch I was going to take as many coke stops as there were. I did the first 100km with the fast girls and a few others. It was a nice, fairly quick ride. I then tired a bit so started hitting the coke stops as the others went on. But I felt fairly good at the end of the day and I knew there was another long day the next day.

The camp was within a few hundred metres of the Nile. Before even setting up my tent I put on my bathing suit and jumped in. It was cold, the current was fast, it was heavenly. I didn’t want to get out.

I made a mistake today that compounded over the next couple of days. I didn’t have any soup when I got in. We burn a lot of calories and need to take in a lot. So I started to run a bit of a deficit. But I wasn’t that hungry. I was thirsty though. It got up to 42C and I drank a fair bit but not enough. I guy drove into camp in a pickup with a load of cold drink. I downed three in now time and forgot about the soup. Later that evening I walked to the next village and bought three more drinks. I felt o.k. But I would pay.

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