Catching up

Day 10 – Rest Day, Aswan

Aswan has grown enormously since I was last here 37 years ago. It has an air of prosperity about it that is not totally fuelled by tourism. Our hotel was south of town and up on a hill overlooking the Nile on one side and the town on the other.  You could see the kernel of the old town surrounded into the distance by new concrete buildings and blocks of flats. Along the shore of the Nile it was the same old story, lots of touts trying to get you onto their felucca or into their caleche. The traditional market runs parallel to and one or two streets off the Nile. There are still the tourist shops selling the standards souvenirs, but it is also an everyday market – sort of like a dollar shop.I spent the day catching up on the internet catching up. And later in the afternoon was able to talk to Liz and the girls via skype.  It will probably be Khartoum before we can do that again. We are heading out across lake Nasser and then into the Nubian desert tomorrow.

We joined up with a couple of others and had dinner on a Nile side barge again. I had a decent chicken Tagen and a beer – probably the last one until Ethiopia, the Sudan is dry. Vince wasn’t so lucky. He had a chicken pizza that didn’t agree with him. In the middle of the night he was violently ill. Good thing we were in a hotel and not a camp. He apparently spent an hour bent over on the toilet spewing at both ends and deciding whether or not to call me for help. I slept through it all. Sorry Vince. Whatever it was that hit him, he must have flushed it out because he was good to go the next day.

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