Hiking into the Desert

Day 14, Stage 10 – 145km

Start: Desert Camp by Nile

Finish: Desert Camp by Nile

Today was very hot. I wasn’t very hungry. I forced myself to eat breakfast and then hit the road. I did the first half of the ride to lunch with Claire – towards the end James joined us. We kept a steady pace and got into lunch in good time.  But I had no appetite so all I did was eat some watermelon and a banana. I tried to drink as much as I could but the water in my bottles was warm enough to brew tea in. It was not very appealing. I was told that dehydration can be an appetite depressant. So it is more than likely that I was not taking in enough fluid and therefore not getting hungry and therefore running a growing calorie deficit.

After lunch I left with Rosie since we were both feeling a little energy deficient. We kept up a reasonable and then joined a larger group who were going more slowly.  We didn’t stay with the group for long and headed off at the front. In the process we picked up Wayne. I am glad we did. With about 20 km to go we stopped at a roadside building that looked like it might be a coke stop. I was till feeling ok but wanted a cold drink. They didn’t have anything to drink but pointed into the desert and said ‘supermarket’. Wayne and Rosie waited in the shade of the building while I went off in search of this chimeric supermarket. I reached another building, another finger pointed into the desert and repeated ‘supermarket’. This happened three times until finally, after trekking for over a mile, I reached a hidden truck stop in the middle of the desert. It was like an end of the world market town – no women – lots of rough looking men with big tools and bigger trucks. The new nomads. I finally found a shop that had half litre bottles of warm Pepsi. I then hiked back with three of these in a yellow plastic carrier bag. Rosie didn’t want one. She said it would make her puke. Wayne and I greedily necked ours and admitted that it was time to get back on our bikes. Only now I was knackered. The trek into the desert had taken a lot out of me – and I hadn’t had any lunch. Thankfully Wayne did most off the work for the last 20km and pulled Rosie and I into camp – a very welcome sight.

Once again we were camped by the Nile. I don’t know how, but somehow I managed to summon the energy to set up my tent and sort my kit out before heading to the river. I jumped in and hardly moved for 20 minutes. Cold. Refreshing. Pure bliss. I was in bed by 7:30.

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