macbook dead

in kharrtoum. macbook dead. no way to write or post blog at the moment. working on it. pissed off.

3 responses to “macbook dead

  1. Hi Alan,

    Just catching up with your journey now – great read and awsome to be able to see how it all pulls together. Enjoy to the max! – will be thinking of you and sending as much energy as can get past the customs 🙂


  2. Rauni Gilverson

    Sorry to hear it! Hang in there!

  3. Alan, everyday i check the race results and everyday I am so excited to see your name and your finish time. I have been keeping up with the tour on every blog and tweet i can find. Tessa is the most consistent at updating so I have been following her daily. I also follow Mike V and of course the TdA blogs. James takes amazing photos and I always look forward to his updates. I am impressed to see you complete each day as I read, some of the off road days have been extremely difficult both physically and mentally. I am praying that you can get your computer up and running so you can update your blogs. Thank you so much for the riding jersey, I was soooo excited to get it and have been sporting it daily. Although I am so far away I am with you everyday of this journey and it’s becoming quite an emotional ride. I believe in your success 100% ! You go man! Can’t wait to here from you.

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