Karate at the Funpark

Day 23. Stage 17, 160 km

Start – desert camp

Finish – Sinnar desert camp

160km sounds like a long way. It is. But we had found our various rhythms and our legs. The roads were flat, the winds not always unfavourable. It was almost an easy day – the calm before the storm.

We camped in a bizarre sort of funpark next to a canal. We were in the middle of nowhere. There were rides and a refreshment stand selling cold drinks. A big sign of welcome painted onto a piece of white cloth let us know that we were the guests of the ministry of tourism for Sinnar province. About fifty local kids were bussed in to put on an athletics show. We saw tumbling, karate and tai kwan do. We watched. Clapped politely. And went around the routines of camp. We then had the inevitable monosyllabic speeches.

So we enjoyed the welcome, facilities and entertainment at the funpark but were a curiously subdued group. Who would survive?

One response to “Karate at the Funpark

  1. Hi Alan
    Well done, not many would have endured the trip so far!
    Good luck for the rest of your trip… and dont forget that there is nothing like an Iced cold Coke!!!!!
    joao viseu from Maputo

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