Wasted Day

Day 21 rest day Khartoum

I spent the morning getting laundry done and then at the Blue Nile Sailing Club cleaning and tuning my bike. I then went back to the Bouganvilla to update the blog and hopefully skype with Liz and the girls. But it was not to be. This was the day my computer died. No idea why or how. There was wifi at the Bouganvilla that nobody had any problem connecting to – except for me. After I tried a few things I fell back on the tried and true answer to every computer problem: reboot. The trouble was, it would not reboot. It would not start. I was not a happy camper. I spit the dummy. I did manage to get onto the wifi with my phone and post a short ‘pissed off’ message but that was it. Fortunately my phone was working so I was able to talk to Liz and the girls. But as you may know, Sudan is completely dry, so I could not even go out for a couple of cold ones to take the edge off my frustration. And since I had spent so  much time trying to figure out what had happened to my computer, I didn’t get out to see much of Khartoum. An all but wasted day I’m afraid.

The day did end on a slightly more pleasant note. About eight of us went out to a good restaurant called the Babylon and had a very nice meal with good fresh fruit juices and ice cream for dessert – a last treat before the eight grueling days to come.

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