A nice hot shower

Day 33, Stage 25, 61km

Start, Farm camp

Finish, Deb Anbessa Hotel, Bahir-Dar

Today we only cycled 61km. It was like a sprint. The distance and hills between Gondar and Addis call for a break somewhere in between. Bahir-Dar is the only reasonably sized town with good amenities between the two cities. So in spite of it only being a day and a half’s ride from Gondar, we stop there. It is also a beautiful city, sitting on the lake that is the source of the Blue Nile.

I headed out around 7:30 and was at the Deb Anbessa before 10am. Vince and I shared a room again – not a posh place, but it had a bed and a shower, sort of. I turned on the hot water heater for the shower as soon as we got there. After putzing around with the bikes and kit for a while Vince and I wandered into town looking for a bike shop. He needed some new inner tubes. We met a guy in a café who told us where we could find a bike shop so we went to look for it. Follow the main road and the fork to the left until you see a fish shop. At the fish shop turn left, you will see it. We did. It was a small hole in the wall, maybe eight feet by ten, dirt floor, shelves full of tubes and parts. Three guys were sitting on chairs taking up all the inside space having their lunch. Of course they immediately offered to share. Vince, with his dodgy guts, declined. They didn’t have the right size tubes. All they had was 26” tubes. Vince needed 700cc. So we asked if they had patch kits. No. But they did have tins of glue. So after protracted negotiations a tin of glue was purchased. On the side of the road outside the shop a couple of teenagers were sitting amidst a stack of boxes with Chinese writing all over them. They were assembling Chinese Phoenix mountain bikes. A new shipment had just come in. they seemed t be the only bike available, certainly the only ones we saw in town. But there were a lot of them.

After getting the glue we found a pizza restaurant and had some lunch. The restaurant was on a second floor balcony overlooking a main street.  We watched the street life, very orderly and quiet, and enjoyed a good pizza.

Back at the hotel I took the first shower. I turned on all the taps and let the run hoping for at least a little hot water. None came. Shit. I had a cold shower. I told Vince the water was cold even though the hot water heater was on. He went in, turned on the taps and got instant hot water. Of course I was very pleased to be able to make way for a nice hot water shower for Vince.

The antibiotics were working well and my infection was clearing up nicely.

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