Day 34, rest day, Deb Anbessa Hotel, Bahir-Dar

The Deb Anbessa had wifi so I was looking forward to updating the blog and generally catching up. My Mac book was still not working but I had borrowed small laptop from Alex, and while he went off to take a boat tour of the lake I set myself up to spend the day on the computer. Alex set it up for me before he left. It was already to go. But I had something else I needed to do before I started writing so I closed the laptop and finished what I was doing. An hour later I opened the laptop again and turned it on. I was asked to enter a password! No. Not possible. Alex was on a boat for the next 6 hours. I hadn’t thought to get his password and now had a laptop I couldn’t use.  Dumb as a doornail. So I tried to use my phone on wifi as much as I could. I managed to clear a few emails but it was painful and laborious.

Midday I gave up and went for a walk. Vince wanted to see if he could find some running shoes. We fund several shops selling a combination of new and used brand name shoes but they were all odd sizes and none suited. So we went in search of lunch. Every restaurant in Bahir-Dar seemed to have the same menu. A good salesman must have come through town with a job lot and sold them as is to anyone with ambitions to open a restaurant. But as we were to find out, having a menu and being able to serve you what is on it are two different things. The first restaurant we went into gave us menus and then told us they had no food, the second showed us the same menu but only had two tines, neither of which interested us (Vince wanted French Fries – or as it said on the menu, France Frice), the third yielded a similar result. By this time we were on the same street as the pizza restaurant that we went to yesterday so we went back. Vince got his cheeseburger and frice.

At dinner time we went with a small group to the Lakeside resort, a lovely place right on the lake. Once again we were presented with what looked suspiciously like the same menu. After we had all made up our minds the waiter came back to take our orders. Sorry, we don’t have. Sorry, we don’t have. As it turned out it was a Wednesday so they were not serving meat. They only served meat on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. On Wednesday you could have fish or chicken. But not any fish r chicken on the menu. In fact there were only three choices: roasted chicken, grilled fish or fish baked in tinfoil. We made our choices. We ate well. Tomorrow the hills would start in earnest.

One response to “Bahir-Dar

  1. Murray McLauchlan

    Hey Alan! Glad to see you back on line and especially the the incipient infection cleared up. Those things can be really nasty We had a friend who ate in an Ethiopian restaurant in Uganda, passed out in the washroom and smashed her face on the sink, losing a front tooth. There maybe something about that food—ya think?? Keep the front wheel forward old trout!

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