Hils, Hills, Hills

Day 32, Stage 24, 117km

Start, Goha Hotel, Gondar

Finish, Farm camp

Today was an almost gentle hint at what was to come. We climbed just over 1000 metres. In the days to come we would climb much more. I felt fairly good today, after a 2 day rest. I left with Bridget and kept up with her until lunch. She left lunch early and powered on. I stayed a bit longer and cycled the rest of the way with Alex. Bridget is the leading woman’s rider and very strong. I think the only reason I kept up with her before lunch was because she had been injured the day we rode into Gondar. A kid pulled her arm as she was cycling by and pulled her off her bike. She ended up with a swollen and sprained ankle. She could barely get her foot into her shoe this morning. But she said the pedaling motion did not hurt that much. The same day she was pulled off her bike, a stone was thrown at her back wheel and cut the hydraulic cable to her rear brake. She had made it into Gondar with only one brake and a sprained ankle. Tough.

It felt good to be back on the bike though. Oddly enough, a two day break seemed a bit long. So the mood in camp was more upbeat than it had been the day before. But that may also have been because tomorrow is a half-day of cycling and the day before another rest day.

Vince was amazing today. Even though he had been sick as a dog the day before, he got on his bike and road the whole day. Not his best day, but he made it. Tremendous powers of recovery.

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