Day Off in Addis

Day 40, Rest day in Addis, Morag and Malcolm’s


I slept well and was up early. It was nice to be in a house and not a hotel room or a tent. Malcolm made a great breakfast, about 6 eggs scrambled, mushrooms, fried tomatoes, mounds of toast. It was great and a very welcome change from the routine on the road. Malcolm makes kids toys and play furniture out of wood. He was currently working on some go carts – very cool. While he went out back to work, I went into the front room and started updating my blog and trying to catch up with emails. Impossible task when done once a week or every ten days.

At lunch we went to the Sheraton for a pizza then drove around town a bit. The Sheraton in Addis could be in Miami Beach. It is a huge complex with half a dozen restaurants and 5 star public spaces. Apparently the night before about a dozen riders from the tour had gone to the all you can eat buffet there and stripped the place clean. Eight straight days of riding leaves a big hole.

In the evening we had a bar-b-q – big steaks and fresh fish. It was great and set me up well for the next day when we would begin a new stretch of six days of riding.

Rest days are not really rest days. They are catch up days and are as busy as riding days. You have to get the clothes washed, the bike tuned and cleaned, the blog updated and eat as much as you can. Then you can go have a look around.

Claire also brought a Mac book. Her Mac book died a few days after mine with exactly the same symptoms. She found a shop in Addis that thought they could repair it. In the end they could because they didn’t have the necessary parts. But it turns out the problem is that the hard drive has died. The memory is recoverable though. She also found out that there is an Apple store in Nairobi, so hopefully we can both get our laptops fixed there. Here’s hoping.

One response to “Day Off in Addis

  1. I remember having a couple of wonderful days in Addis, Alan. Sometimes it was hard to remember where you were, if you stayed in the “upscale” area. I was lucky enough to score an unscheduled trip to the Blue Nile. Looking back on that, it was probably a very stupid thing to do. It hadn’t been too long since Halle Salase had been dethroned and the “badder” guys were in control, if you can count that control. Yet, the city seemed eerily quiet. Brings back pungent memories.

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