The Curse of Electronics

I am sorry that my posts come in batches and far apart. I am not having a happy adventure electronically. My MacBook died in Khartoum so I have been borrowing laptops and tablets. we then travelled through some internet free zones, which caused delays.

Some riders are far more clever than I am and are connecting to the internet through 3G, so don’t need to find a location with internet, they can simply use their cell phones. for more regular updates on where we are you may want to follow some of them.

Also, since my MacBook died I have nowhere to store pictures. As a result I have not been taking and posting any. Once again, several others on the Tour are excellent photographers and are posting photos regularly. So please have a look at their  blogs.

We are now sitting in Nanyuki waiting to see what happens after the elections.

All is well.

One response to “The Curse of Electronics

  1. Such a pleasure this morning to see the long list of messages announcing your latest batch of posts. I’ve been wondering how you are getting on and worrying as I read about the Kenyan election. I’m not sure whether I envy you or pity you, but I certainly admire your persistence and grit. Great adventure, great stories. Keep going, and keep ’em coming, my friend.

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