Do We or Don’t We?

Day 56, unscheduled rest day, Sweatwaters

I woke early and went for a walk around camp before breakfast. I spent the morning in the tented lounge overlooking a water hole where wildlife gathered. I read and stared blankly into the distance. Absolutely nothing was demanded of me. I had nothing I needed to do. It was a strange feeling. The mind and body just rested and stared into the distance – suspended animation. A beer and lunch brought me back to life or at least to the land of the living. We left mid-afternoon. I was looking forward to getting back on my nasty black and orange bike.

The election results were still not in and there was still uncertainty about the rest of our time in Kenya. Our timing for travelling through Kenya could not have been worse. A week earlier would have been presented far fewer problems. We could have cycled through before the election day. But that was not to be. Hindsight is a marvelous thing. Apart from Marsabit, everywhere we had gone through had been quiet. But you don’t know that beforehand. The rider briefing this evening was bracketed with a range of contingency options. What we would do if anything happened. What we would do if they announced the results today? Tomorrow? As of now we were going to ride tomorrow. Probably. We would meet again in the morning.

We had half a dozen Kenyan riders with us from a Kenyan cycling team. For the most part they scratched their heads and couldn’t understand what all the concern was about. I must admit I scratched along with them.

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