Equator Party

Day 54, unscheduled rest day Nanyuki

I woke early and at 5am was in the hotel lobby trying to connect to the wifi. And with nobody else up yet (or very few, John Chevis was also up) I was able to get on at a reasonable speed. But by 6:30 it was unusable again. But I had got quite a bit done.

Today was laundry and bike day. The price lit for laundry was outrageous. It would have cost me as much to have the hotel do my laundry as it costs for a night’s accommodation. So it was buy some soap powder, do the washing in the sink and hang a line between two trees. I was sharing a room with Vince again. We shared the soap and he had the clothes line. We got it done.

My bike had been on top of the lunch truck for the two days we bussed from Sololo. It was filthy. First O had to put the new seat on. I keep the old one, hoping that I might get it replaced on warranty. We’ll see. I then gave it to the mechanics who gave it the once over and tuned it. They also put on my new bar tape. The old stuff was torn and ratty. I had brought some pumpkin orange bar tape with me. The original bar tape and seat were a dark tan colour. This gave the bike a fairly conservative but respectable black and tan look. The new seat was black. And with the new bar tape I now had a really cool and nasty black and orange look. I was sure it would be faster. I then changed my tires back to the road tires and got to work cleaning the bike. It took a while but by the end it looked pretty good. Back in business.

Nanyuki is on the equator. About 2 km south of town is the official sign board marking it. We had decided to mark our arrival with an equator party – costumes recommended. I went out with the kiwis looking for inspiration. The three of them were going as all black rugby team players. So they needed black t-shirts and some white out that they could use to paint on logos and numbers. In a backstreet in a little kiosk I found a Bob Marley head scarf, which was where I started. Back at camp I found some old inner tubes. I cut them up and made a dreadlock wig out of them. I put the headscarf over the wig, blackened my face to make it look like I had a scraggly Marley beard and rolled a big dooby from a newspaper. We headed off to the bar. It was good fun with lots of other good and creative costumes made out of almost nothing. Great chance to blow off some steam after a couple of tough months on the bike.

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