Sweet Sweetwaters

Day 55, unscheduled rest day, Sweatwaters

We still had two more days of unscheduled holiday in front of us. A bunch of us decided to go to a game park for a couple of days. There was a very nice one less than 20km from Nanyuki called Sweetwaters. We booked it the day before and at 9:30m this morning were picked up by the guys from the camp and whisked away.

Sweetwaters is a tented camp – but very posh. We had booked 4 doubles for the eight of us. But it wasn’t very busy so when we got there they gave us all our own tent for the same price. A great deal. The camp is in a 100,000 hectares private conservancy called ol pejeta. After a fantastic lunch (I had salad, soup, roast pork, three cheese plates, chocolate gateau, as much fruit as I could eat) we went off on a game drive. It was very good. In addition to all the different ungulates, zebras, giraffes and jackals, we saw four of the big five: elephant, buffalo, rhino and lion. Unfortunately we did not see a leopard. We arrived back at camp just as the sun set, drinks and an equally copious and delicious diner followed. And to think we could have been riding our bikes off road all day. The Kenyan election has a lot to answer for.

One response to “Sweet Sweetwaters

  1. sounds great who did you go with?

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