Yes and No

Day 58, stage 46, 107km

Start, Savage Wilderness Safaris Camp, Sagana

Finish, Indaba camp, Nairobi – Malaya and Alistair’s, Gigiri

We all got up around 6, which is usual on days when we cycle. We took down our tents, put on our cycling clothes and hoped for the best – hoped we would actually need to be wearing cycling clothes, hoped that we wouldn’t be putting our tents back up in an hour.

At breakfast the news was not good. Yes, we were going into Nairobi. No, we would not be riding. Busses would arrive by 10:30 or 11:00 to take us in. We could change out of our cycling clothes but keep our tents in our lockers. I was not happy. We could cycle the 50km to the earlier decided spot by 10:30 and meet the buses there. We would at least get in some cycling. Why wait here for the busses. The Kenyans talked of just heading out on their bikes to Nairobi anyway. In the end they were dissuaded. So we cooled our jets again. Extreme caution had won the day.

As it happened the roads were quiet and the election results were not announced until after 2:30. Kenyata had won with 50.03% of the vote. There would be no run off. The city remained quiet after the announcement. Then Odinga announced he would challenge the results in court. He emphasized that people should not take to the streets to protest but let the legal system do its work. The city remained quiet.

Shortly after the results were announced I took a Taxi through the city to get from Karen to Gigiri to visit Malaya. There was little traffic. A few Kenyatta supporters were out in their red t-shirts celebrating. It could have gone the other way, as it did in 2007. But so much had been done to prevent a repeat of 2007 that many bet that it wouldn’t. Still early days. Hopefully now we will be able to keep to schedule and cycle to Arusha tomorrow and the day after.

Malaya is doing a sprint marathon in 5 weeks so I helped her sort out her bike. We then met up with some friends and took the dogs for a walk in the woods. It was almost like being back in the real, non-bike-obsessed world. We then went over to some other friends of Malaya’s for dinner – a family evening with kids and marshmallows roasted over the fire. A great break.

2 responses to “Yes and No

  1. Hi Alan, you made it halfway already, keep it up, it all sounds very special. I’ll be in Nairobi from tomorrow morning, will work there for most of March and April.

  2. Alex, we leave tomorrow morning around 7:30. Sorry to miss you.

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