Zoo Meets Zoo

Day 57, stage 45, 103km

Start, Sportmans Arms, Nanyuki

Finish, Savage Wilderness Safaris Camp, Sagana

Yes! We ride! We broke camp and cycled to the ‘this is the equator’ sign just outside Nanyuki where many photos were taken. It is a bit cheesy. Lots of curio seller swarming around selling the standard tat. Lots of riders buying more tat. At 8 we started riding – rolling hills, lots of beautiful country side, good roads. Lunch sometime after 10. Camp sometime after 12. A short day. But a very peasant one. The legs felt like that hadn’t been used for a while but still responded. There were lots of smiles as people arrived at camp.

Camp was at the Savage Wilderness Safaris camp site. We left the tarmac road and descended a couple of km down a dirt track to a whitewater river. They are set up for whitewater rafting, kayaking and canoeing; they have zip lines, mountain bike trails and bungy jumping. There were a bunch of British soldiers there getting a taste of every activity. They looked more like they were on a holiday junket than a training week. They looked more like desk jockeys than SAS hopefuls. A bit odd really. Guys looking awkward on bikes, in kayaks and canoes. But they all had lots of tattoos. They stared at us. We stared at them. Kind of zoo meets zoo.

The rumours were flying once again about what would happen tomorrow. Would we ride into Nairobi? Would we ride half way and then be bussed? Would we be bussed the whole way? We had heard that the election results were to be announced at 11am tomorrow. Should we be off the roads by then? Would it be calm? What would the reaction be if Kanyatta had more than 50%?

At the rider meeting we were told that we would ride the first 50km and then be bussed. This was a bit of a disappointment. We were missing more riding. But we were also told that we would meet again in the morning. If things looked really bad we might even have to stay in Sagana. Nobody wanted that. We were mostly getting really restless. We wanted to move forward. We wanted to ride.

The Kenyans continued to scratch their heads.

We had the added wrinkle that we were to pick up about 20 new sectional riders in Nairobi. At the very least this seemed to suggest we couldn’t simply bypass Nairobi and head straight to Arusha – as some people had begun to speculate. Somehow we would need to get to Nairobi.

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