Are You Sick?

Day 62, rest day, 1638 Kahama Rd., Dar es Salaam

Didn’t get much sleep. Laura came in at 5am full of chatter. The day had started. Catherine appeared a half hour later. Breakfast and then off the school by 6:30. I took the kids in and did the wander to look at their art on the walls etc. All good.

Liz took the day off. But like any other day off – home or not – there are chores to do. Laundry. Find a Mac store and try to get my Macbook repaired (did find one and dropped the Mac off at 8:30 – fingers crossed), then I had a dentist appointment at 10:30. I lost a filling in Nanyuki thanks to a chewy bit of licorice Sandi had offered me. Bo, my dentist, was very excited about the tour, was telling everybody about it, even while I was prostrate and at his mercy while he drilled deep inside my head (no anesthetic of course). No idea what makes dentists tick – but pain has something to do with it.

We then had a great seafood lunch at the Waterfront at Slipway. But we also both had two beers with lunch and so napped when we got home. The kids were soon home from school and full of excitement. Catherine is doing a project on sickle cell disease so brought her project team home with her to interview me. Laura has a new set of heelys (shoes with wheels on the heels) and was tearing all over the place. The dogs were chasing. I jumped in the pool.

Hadeja, our cook, a women of ample girth, took one look at me and asked, somewhat hesitatingly, if I were sick (I have lost about 7kg). In her world you don’t lose weight. You gain weight. If you lose weight you must be sick. Afterwards she had a quiet chat with Liz and asked if I had AIDS. Many people here think of AIDS as the wasting sickness. That’s how I mapped in her mind. So she fed me well tonight. We had a lovely pork fillet (we haven’t had much pork on the tour) wrapped in stripy bacon and a homemade rhubarb tart with ice cream for desert.
Still no Macbook (hopefully tomorrow) but a great day.

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