Day 59, rest day, Nairobi

I had a great sleep and woke up early. It had rained in the night. The air was fresh and cool. I went out onto the balcony just off my bedroom and enjoyed the rising sun. then I had a long soak in the tub, shaved (usually only do this once a week or so – I don’t shave when we camp – so I often look like I should be on the street looking for empty soda bottles to cash in) and caught up on my blog. It was a lazy morning.

About noon we drifted off to the ‘country club’ to join some friends for Sunday brunch. The only clothes I had with me were a scruffy and almost clean t-shirt and a pair of khaki shorts that had experienced a few too many bush camps. So they hid me in the back and we got through security. It was like being back at Sweetwaters. Very posh. Big swimming pool with lots of kids splashing and diving. White linen table cloths – even on the outdoor tables – and an all you can eat buffet. After we ordered and tucked into a jug of PIMS it was off to the buffet tables. Four full plates and eleven deserts later, my poor hosts – a lovely couple from the American embassy – were looking a bit embarrassed. I don’t know why. I didn’t spill anything. And my t-shirt looked like that when I came. It was lovely.

Malayah was flying to the UK that night for a holiday to meet husband and daughter for a holiday in Cornwall. So while she sorted last minute changes to plane tickets and other travel arrangements I did absolutely nothing – and enjoyed it immensely.

Around 5pm I caught a taxi back to Indaba camp. The taxi driver had no idea where it was but I was pretty confident I would recognize it. We crossed the city and got to Langata road easily enough, and even found Muiri Rd. We drove down the road and didn’t see it. At a T junction we stopped and asked a guy where to find the place. He pointed without much conviction and sent us off to the left. After a couple of kilometres nothing looked familiar. So we asked somebody else – uhhh – then somebody else – go five roads back and turn left. But that is where we had come from. Back we went – and turned down Muiri Rd again. Still didn’t see it. We went to the end of the road and turned right – we had turned left last time. We asked somebody else. We went back the way we came and turned into a drive. The boy at the gate did not know the place. We back out and asked a girl across the street. She had no idea. We turned around and were facing the pace. The drive we had entered was across the road, the girl was standing 20 metres from the gate, which we had passed 5 times in the last half hour. There was no sign for the place, but there was small ‘no. 16’ on a post hidden in the trees. How could I have missed it? Bloody PIMS cup.

I got into camp, set up my tent and then went out with Alex for a pizza and a ‘lite’ beer. We found our way back to camp without incident and turned in for an early night. We had a century to ride tomorrow.

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