The Macbook is Alive!


I have just returned from picking up my Macbook from Elite Computers on Magore St here in Dar. In the end it needed a new hard drive. They tried to repair the old one but it just refused to be repaired. Luckily I had done a full system backup before I left for the TdA so it was easy to load the new hard drive.

All systems go. I am writing on the Macbook as we speak. And I now have no excuse 9or perhaps less of an excuse – or perhaps I’ll have to think up a new excuse) not to take pictures.

Anyway, here is the first picture I have posted in yonks – winning the golden Compass award at the half way mark for getting lost and surviving.

Thanks to James Campbell for the photo.

3 responses to “The Macbook is Alive!

  1. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that looks like my younger brother!
    Wait, I don’t have a younger brother

  2. Good to have you back – Don’t get lost again.

  3. In honor of everyone riding in the Td’A, our family is going for their 1st bike ride of spring 2013. There is still snow on the ground and the roads are covered in winter sand and stones but the sun is shining, it’s 7 celcius and the bikes are tuned and ready to go. We will be thinking of you as we ride.
    Keep in riding boys!

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