Back to the Tour

Day 64, rest day, 1638 Kahama Rd., Dar es Salaam, Masai Camp, Arush

Another early morning. Kids up and to school. I had to get packed up and get to the airport to fly back to Arusha and the tour. I had of course forgotten to do a couple of the things I needed to do. My bottle cages were in bad shape and I had intended to steal the good ones of Liz’s bike and take them with me. But Liz had cycled to work the day before and left her bike at work because I had picked her up in the Hilux. So no bottle cages. I found one good one on my old road bike but I needed two. One would have to do for now. I also forgot to fetch my cycling rain jacket. I had forgotten it when we went to Cairo and now forgot it again. Not great, since it was now mid March and the beginning of the big rains in Tanzania. I would get wet.

Before going to the airport for my flight I took the kids to school and stayed for a while to watch Laura play in an inter house T-ball tournament. It was hilarious. They had no Ts, no baseballs and no baseball bats. They used tennis rackets and tennis balls. Laura spent more time dancing and singing in the field than paying attention to the game. But she got on base safely both times she came to the plate. Watching play in the field was like watching a swarm of bees trying to pollinate the same flower – fast and furious with very little achieved. But they were all having a good time. And of course there was one little boy who actually knew what was happening and knocked it out of the park with ease. Great stuff.

Back in Arusha it was immediately back to camp and Tour routine. Get the bike repaired – while in Dar I had picked up the new rear derailleur I had ordered; I had ridden on the one I had bent in the Sudan for the last six weeks – clean and lube the bike; dry out and put up the tent; sort kit. When everything was finished I went off to dinner with Lindsay, Vince and Bridget. We ate at the hotel where Lindsay had stayed when he was recuperating from Typhoid during the Tour 2 years ago. Lindsay is an old friend of Vince’s. He had done the Tour in 2011 but missed the Nairobi to Mbeya section when he got Typhoid. He had come back to complete the missing section. It was a bit of a nostalgic dinner for him.

While it was difficult to leave Liz and the girls it was also good to be back on the Tour. Liz and the girls all seemed to be in top form, which of course made returning easier. And they had all gotten very involved in cycle for sickle cell and were excited about the Tour and very supportive. The fact that I was till EFI also gave a sense of ‘half way’ celebration. I left home and returned to the Tour very upbeat.

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