Day in Dar

Day 63, rest day, 1638 Kahama Rd., Dar es Salaam

The highlight of today was getting my Macbook back – fixed. The hard drive was done. Fortunately I had done a full system back up in December before I left for Cairo. So Aaron at Elite Computers in Dar put in a new hard drive and uploaded everything from the back up hard drive. I was in business again.

In the afternoon we had a meeting with the Sickle Cell Foundation fundraising team. The cycle for Sickle Cell event had been a great success (they had almost 500 people participate and had had lots of press coverage – including newspaper articles with the headline ‘Famous Cyclist Comes to Tanzania’; I innocently asked who the famous cyclist was – the PR machine was in action) and the team wanted to follow it up with a homecoming event. We decided to do an even on May 16 in Dar. Anton and Julie and Sarah and their teams discussed what to do and how and we broke up around 3:00 with plans in place and lots of energy.

Around 3:30 Chris Morgan came over and did a video shoot for a ‘half way’ video that will be uploaded to the internet and can be used for fundraising. I fear he will have a difficult editing job though. He likes short sounds bites that bring the pictures alive – proper visual stuff. I, of course, am more verbal than visual and tend to ramble on for three minutes to a question he wants a twelve-word response to.

Liz had organized a party for that evening. Around 5pm a couple of dozen friends and kids started showing up for drinks and some food by the pool. It was a great way to relax and unwind and tell a few stories.  It was a great way to end a short break.

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