How to take a bucket bath

Day 68, Stage 52, 104km

Start, Puma camp

Finish, Game Post 1

Rain. It rained in the night. It rained during the day. It was wet. The first 60 km or so today were still on tarmac. After lunch we then moved onto the mud for the final 45. The tarmac section was a breeze. Easy riding – except for the weather. The off road was a mess. Mud. And Rain. It took quite bit longer to do the 45 than it had to do the 60.

The dirt track took us into a game reserve. It had stopped raining by the time we arrived but we and our bikes were a mess. We camped in the compound of the game wardens. The compound as right next to the gate and the single-track road so we heard up close every vehicle that passed during the night. At remote camps like this – no village anywhere near – there are usually a few people who know we are coming and are prepared. They sell us buckets of water to wash ourselves and our bikes. They sell us cokes and beers and peanuts. All at inflated process of course. But we are thankful.

I got a jerry can full of water for 2000 shillings. I used half to clean my bike, which was so covered in mud that it took an hour and a half to clean. I then took the rest of the water out behind the warden’s house, stripped everything off and had a bucket bath. I am sure I had an audience but I couldn’t have cared less. I just wanted to get the mud and grime off. It was everywhere. Having a cold bucket of water dumped on my head never felt so good.

The rain started again as dinner was being prepared and lasted throughout. It was a wet affair. People competing for space under eves and awnings.  It was then early to bed. We still had four more days of tough (tougher) off road ahead of us. We needed food (done). We needed sleep. We didn’t need more rain. It rained all night.

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