Sorry for the long absence

Since leaving Arusha internet connection has been dreadful. First, somebody in Egypt apparently cut the optic fibre cable that feeds tyhe internet down the East African coast. Second, we have been off road in the bush in Tanzania where there isn’t even any cell phone coverage, let alone internet access. We were hopeful that we would be able to get online when we got to Mbeya. But it was not to be. In Malawi there was minimal service in Chitimba. I signed on, but after waiting 15 minutes for the first page to load – and getting nothing – I gave up. We finally arrived in Kasungu at at hotel with wifi. But the demand was so great when we arrived that it was all but impossible to get on. So I got up at 3:30 this morning – nobody else up – and was able to use the wifi.

We cycle to Lilongwe today. We are hoping for better access there.



5 responses to “Sorry for the long absence

  1. Marine training on paris island sounds like a cake walk compared to TdA…delighted stanley and livingston moment was a great success


  2. Hi Alan and Bob
    Great to catch up with all your new posts, the journey continues to amaze me in every way as does your ability to accomplish each and everyday. So thrilled that the stanley and livingston moment was a total suprise and wish we could of seen your face. Bob told me the first night we where in boston and then I had to say nothing for the whole 10 hour drive back…. I was so excited but knew the surprise would be crazy when it actually happened.
    There is this new tv channel called travel and escape and there is a show called offbeat roads. This canadian guy scotty is taking a group of bikers on a 30 day ride through Danakil Depression in Ethiopia!
    …. was great to watch as it gave me a sense of what you just went through.
    Enjoy your two day rest and we will continue to await the next village with internet so we can hear more. Thanks for getting up at 3am to keep us posted.

  3. just a quick note this time…ted gilverson came by for a surprise visit the other night and i filled him in….he has sent me $200 toward sickle cell…how great is that…… i will try sending it online but if that doesn’t work i will send the cheque to liz….. cheers

  4. his email in case you get a chance to thank him

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