It rained again

Day 78, stage 60, 124km

Start, Mzuzu, Mzuzu Lodge camp

Finish, School ground camp

Today was a Mando day, a very tough day. We had to climb over 2100 metres. It was raining. It was cold (for me). My guts were still in revolt – and revolting. I hadn’t kept my food in so didn’t have much energy. I was really looking forward to today. Thank you Chitimba. I must say thought that the scenery was spectacular. We literally cycled into the clouds, past huge pine forests and dozens of saw mills. I slogged on, very slowly and after four hours I got to lunch. I ate a little, spent a private moment in the woods with my soggy tissue, drank a litre of water with oral rehydration salts and rested for a while. Bob had kindly waited for me at lunch. He was feeling better but knew I wasn’t. After a rest I started to feel a bit better and we cycled off to Mzuzu. It was another long day. But the rain had stopped when we got to camp.

We camped on the football field of a secondary school in the middle of nowhere. So no shops to speak of, no power, nothing. We visited the school, the usual collection of crumbling buildings, empty and filthy classrooms and kids everywhere.

It had been a difficult and low day without even the small reward of a cold coke at the end.

It rained again.

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