Bush Karaoke

Day 83, stage 63, 155km

Start, Lilongwe

Finish, Chipata, Moma Rula’s Camp

Today was the first of five long days to Lusaka. And we had a border crossing. It felt good to be back on the bike and to be feeling good again. Bob and I set off at a decent pace but Bob soon went ahead. The countryside was beautiful, the day uneventful. We reached the border at about 120km and went through the formalities. It was quick and easy – one of the easiest border crossings – and we were in Zambia. We set off and did the final kilometres into Chipata. I stopped in town and got some Zambian money but made a big mistake. I should also have gone round the corner from the bank and purchased a Zambian SIM card and into the shops and bought some drinks and snacks. As it turned out we camped that night at a campsite that was well on the other side of town and down a two km dirt road and in a lovely wood. I had thought I would go to the camp and then go for a walk to the shops. Didn’t happen. But there was a bar at the campsite. The SIM card would have to wait until the next day.

Another overland truck pulled in and camped there that night. They were a stark contrast to us. They all sat in plush coach chairs in an air-conditioned space sipping sodas, watching the world go by through protective and tinted glass. They were all middle aged, stooped and lumpy. It was an odd mix. We didn’t talk to them. They didn’t talk to us. Not much to say really. By the look of them though I think they probably ate about the same number of calories a day as we did.

I went to bed early. Today was the first of 5 long days. But I didn’t sleep right away. The camp put on a karaoke night in the bar. So I was serenaded for a couple of hours by Germans singing Eric Clapton tunes very badly.

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