A day at Mark and Tanya’s

Day 88, rest day, Lusaka, Mark and Tanya’s

Today was really a rest day. The bikes were sorted and the laundry done – the life of a domestique. While Bob read by the pool at Mark and Tanya’s I updated my blog. Shortly after noon we went for a walk and had a snack. Then it was back to the house, a nap and a book. Hard life.

Lusaka has changed enormously since I was last there a bout a dozen years ago.  A lot has been invested in the downtown area. There are big malls and bank buildings, streetlights that function, and lots of traffic. There are big hotels and big box stores. There appears to be lots of South African money around – the banks, the hotels, the restaurants, the shops are frequently South African. I would expect that there are also a lot of white Zimbabweans around – farming, running small businesses.

In the new and modern parts of town, the prices are more South African or even European as well. We had dinner in a restaurant in town. We could have been in Cape Town – which is not far away now.

Back home to Mark and Tanya’s to finish off the birthday cake with some ice cream, then early to bed – back on the road tomorrow. Thanks Mark and Tany

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