Coda to TdA – Kili2Coast

The guys I cycle with in the mornings in Dar are doing an off-road ride from Mt Kilimanjaro to the Indian Ocean the first week of September. I couldn’t let them go alone so I have decided to join them. The ride looks like this:

  Distance Ascent
Day 1 135km 890m
Day 2 132km 3,684m
Day 3 91km 1,351m
Day 4 135km 2,270m
Day 5 79km 570m
Total 572km 8,765m

Day 2 will definitely test us. That’s a lot of climbing.

I won’t take the Croix de Fer on this ride. I have arranged to borrow a full suspension mountain bike.

4 responses to “Coda to TdA – Kili2Coast

  1. Alan sounds like another interesting ride. The ascends will be challenging for sure. You need bob there, apparently he likes the hills.
    Bob is with me at the cottage for a week, I will pass on this new challenge you are undertaking.

  2. Pam, thanks. already sent an email to Bob.

  3. If I were either Alan or Bob, I would probably hop on my bike and ride down to the cottage to visit Pam and Bob, a mere 90 km with almost no ascent. But I’m not. I probably haven’t ridden 90 km in the course of the last year…

  4. You can do it! Get a red bandana and grow a beard.

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