The Tour d’Afrique

Go to:  Tour d’Afrique Ltd. | Overview.

Tour d’Afrique Ltd. is a Toronto based company named for its flagship cycling tour that annually traverses the African continent from Cairo to Cape Town. Since its birth in 2003, six more epic cycling tours have been added:

– the Orient Express, crossing Europe from Paris to Istanbul
– the Silk Route, a trans-Asia expedition between Istanbul and Shanghai or Beijing, which can run from east to west or vice versa
– the Vuelta Sudamericana, which traverses South America from the Atlantic to the Pacific and then heads north along the coast and through the Andes to Bolivia and Peru
– the Amber Route which explores many of treasures that used to be hidden behind the Iron Curtain en route from St Petersburg Russia to Venice
– an Indian Adventure, a sensational ride from the Taj Mahal in Agra to the tip of the Indian subcontinent at Kanyakumari
– the North American Epic which was first held in 2011 from San Francisco California to St John’s Newfoundland

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