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The Curse of Electronics

I am sorry that my posts come in batches and far apart. I am not having a happy adventure electronically. My MacBook died in Khartoum so I have been borrowing laptops and tablets. we then travelled through some internet free zones, which caused delays.

Some riders are far more clever than I am and are connecting to the internet through 3G, so don’t need to find a location with internet, they can simply use their cell phones. for more regular updates on where we are you may want to follow some of them.

Also, since my MacBook died I have nowhere to store pictures. As a result I have not been taking and posting any. Once again, several others on the Tour are excellent photographers and are posting photos regularly. So please have a look at their  blogs.

We are now sitting in Nanyuki waiting to see what happens after the elections.

All is well.

in Gondar

In Gondar. Macbook stll dead. sending this from my phone. Rest day today. will borrow computer and updat blog today. last 8 days very tough riding. but made it. More to come.

macbook dead

in kharrtoum. macbook dead. no way to write or post blog at the moment. working on it. pissed off.

Calorie deficit

Day 13, Stage 9 – 149km

Start: Wadi Halfa – Camp in Football Field

Finish – Desert Camp by Nile

It is now hot. The flys have come off the tents and people are sleeping just under the webbing. Today was a long day so I decided to change tactics a bit. I decided not going to race to race the whole day and that after lunch I was going to take as many coke stops as there were. I did the first 100km with the fast girls and a few others. It was a nice, fairly quick ride. I then tired a bit so started hitting the coke stops as the others went on. But I felt fairly good at the end of the day and I knew there was another long day the next day.

The camp was within a few hundred metres of the Nile. Before even setting up my tent I put on my bathing suit and jumped in. It was cold, the current was fast, it was heavenly. I didn’t want to get out.

I made a mistake today that compounded over the next couple of days. I didn’t have any soup when I got in. We burn a lot of calories and need to take in a lot. So I started to run a bit of a deficit. But I wasn’t that hungry. I was thirsty though. It got up to 42C and I drank a fair bit but not enough. I guy drove into camp in a pickup with a load of cold drink. I downed three in now time and forgot about the soup. Later that evening I walked to the next village and bought three more drinks. I felt o.k. But I would pay.

Sudan Visa

I found the new Sudan Embassy in Cairo this morning. It is at 8 Ahmed El Shattoury St, Al Dokki. I arrived just after it opened for its first day of business after the change of location. All seemed to go well. I submitted all the necessary bits of paper, photos and money and was told to pick up my visa tomorrow morning. If all goes well that means a 24 hours service.

No cycling today

santa on a bikeMerry Christmas everyone! Today is a day of rest. Sort of. My wife and I were actually up before the kids today. A first for at least ten years. We got up did the stockings then took the dogs for a walk at cocoa beach. Their Christmas excursion. It was low tide. Lots of crabs to chase in the tide pools. Then back home for breakfast and the ritual of the presents under the tree. We were back at the beach by 11 for a swim – and are still there. The kids are on their i-pads and I am catching up on Christmas messages.  Liz is still swimming.

It’s a great season to think of others.

So please think of the Sickle Cell Foundation of Tanzania this Christmas.

ChipIn: Sickle Cell Foundation of Tanzania


65k before breakfast

mudwaveI did a tough ride before breakfast this morning. There had been a lot of rain over night and there was still a strong wind. Part of the ride was on a dirt track. Now mud. As luck would have it a big dump truck passed just as I was negotiating a big bog. It roared through and hit me with a mud tsunami. Lovely. There must have been some limestone in the mud because it hardened on my bike like concrete. The strong headwind made it hard to maintain a speed of 18 kmh. I felt good though – and mud washes off.

Don’t forget to donate to the Sickle Cell Foundation of Tanzania.

ChipIn: Sickle Cell Foundation of Tanzania