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World Sickle Cell Day, June 19, 2013


I have updated the ‘Donate Here’ logo to the left to go directly to paypal

New way to make donations

I have just found out that if you have a paypal account you can make a donation directly to my paypal account (I am slowly catching up to the 21st century).

To make a donation to the Sickle Cell Foundation of Tanzania and Cycle for Sickle Cell

Go into your paypal account

Choose ‘send money’

Enter my email address:

Tick ‘I’m sending money to family or friends’

Click continue



Fundraising update


On May 15th we held a corporate fundraising event for Cycle for Sickle Cell at the Sea Cliff Hotel in Dar es Salaam. Six corporate teams entered 5 man teams in a series a cycling competitions to win prizes donated by sponsors. We raised over 13 million shillings on the night and have now raised over $US31,000 towards our goal of $US50,000 to establish the day treatment centre for the Sickle Cell Foundation of Tanzania.

Thanks everyone who came, participated and donated

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Please Support the Sickle Cell Foundation of Tanzania

SCFM logoAt 5:30am tomorrow morning 56 riders from around the world will gather to make final preparations for the 2013 Tour d’Afrique. At 7:00am we will move from the Cataract Pyramids Resort, where we have been staying for the last week, to the Pyramids of Giza, where the official starting ceremony will take place. At 8:00am we will be cycling!

This is the 11th annual Cairo to Cape Town race and expedition. It covers almost 12,000 km and ten countries in 121 days (97 cycling days, 24 rest days), or an average of close to 125 km a day. Over 430 riders completed the Tour in its first 10 years.

I am riding to raise money for the Sickle Cell Foundation of Tanzania (click on SCFT on the top menu bar for more information).  The aim is to raise US$50,000 to establish a day treatment centre.

Please show your support for the Foundation, as we start the race, by making a donation.

And please share this with your friends and colleagues. Send them an email, suggest they follow the blog, encourage them to make a donation and make comments.



Early Christmas

mary porterAbout 3 nano seconds after I opened my computer at 5:47 this morning I received a skype call from my sister. She lives in Canada so it was only 9:47 the night before for her. In my still groggy, pre-morning-ride state I was broadsided by three fifty- something women screeching like 6-year olds (see the video on facebook). But they had good cause. Mary Porter and Kirstie Carter, two members of Pam and Company and the two ladies in the photo, had just surprised my sister by showing up at her house singing Christmas carols and carrying a huge cheque. Mary and Kirstie had participated in a vendors event that always gives a portion of profits to charity. They had convinced the organisers of the event that ‘Cycle 4 Sickle Cell’ should be the designated charity this year. And it was! So at 5:47 this morning three screeching women (that’s my story anyway) presented me with a cheque for $3,444.39 by skype. Fantastic guys! Thanks so much. But next time, call around lunch time.

Don’t forget to donate to the Sickle Cell Foundation of Tanzania.

ChipIn: Sickle Cell Foundation of Tanzania

Dr Julie Makani in Atlanta

Dr. Julie Makani, co-founder of the Sickle Cell Foundation of Tanzania,  is in Atlanta this week at the American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting.

She is presenting a session where she will provide an overview of the challenges in delivering comprehensive care for SCD in Africa within the context of limited resources and high disease burden. She will discuss opportunities presented by high patient numbers and the steps taken by African investigators and their collaborators in promoting and performing SCD research in sub-Saharan Africa through the establishment of active regional research networks. Go to: