Platinum Sponsor: Anonymous

Silver Sponsors: Altron, Nabaki, The Walrus

Bronze Sponsors: ImpactLink Capital, Mclauchlan+Donlon, Pam & Company

Individual Donations:

Tim Tayler, Pam Burrows, Louella Eastman, Rick Martin, Jennifer Hunter, Barbara McWhirter, Janet Stephens, Liz Trotter, Jason Morris, Debbie Robertson, Anne Hall, Maya Forstater, Susan Todd, David Simpson, Daniel Wood, Richard Hudson, Andy Day, Big Bo the dentist, Nancy Babson, Louise Knight, David Matthews, Pam Burrows, Laura and Laird Holms, Andrew and Barbara Borbas, Roz Cooper, Dave Knight, Paul Smithson, Angus Miller, Dan Wood, Debbie Andrews, Ruth Cooper, Cathy Wanlin, Bill Rankin, Judy Kaszewski, John Dilworth, Hugh Rittner, Giulia Cosolich, Ted Gilverson, Marion Grant, Rachel Hilton, Sister Judith SLG, Warren Keach

Event Donations:

Dar Es Salaam Yacht Club Bongoyo Swim

Pam and Company vendor event (Mary Porter and Kirstie Carter)

Cycle for Sickle Cell Cycling Caravan (UWABA and Mejah)

Sea Cliff Corporate cycle for sickle cell competition (British Gas, Sandvik, CFAO Motors, Nabiki Africa, Bisakili, Morning Cycling Group)

Please make a generous donation to the Sickle Cell Foundation of Tanzania by using the link to the PayPal system by clicking on the logo under the ‘Donate Here’ heading .

If you do not have a PayPal account and wish to make a donation you may send a check to:

Alan Knight

BFPO 5347 (Dar Es Salaam)

London, England


or if you wish to make a direct bank transfer contact me at and I will send you the necessary bank details.



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