Sickle Cell Foundation TZ

Go to:  The Sickle Cell Foundation of Tanzania.

Watch: The Royal Society Pfizer Award 2011 – YouTube.

The Sickle Cell Foundation of Tanzania is a non profit organization devoted to contributing towards prevention, care and effective management of sickle cell disease in Tanzania.
Mission: The Foundation mobilizes resources and builds coalitions to promote and support the setting up of nation-wide sickle cell centres that will:- Conduct public awareness campaigns on the disease.
– Provide screening and counseling services.
– Provide treatment and care for sickle-cell patients.
– Undertake research to strengthen the evidence base that would support the early
   detection, prevention and management of sickle-cell disease in Tanzania.
Description: The Foundation was established in recognition of the devastating impact that the disease has on our society and the current inadequacies in its detection, prevention and management.The Foundation works in partnership with local and international government agencies, philanthropists, local and international medical centres and universities, research institutions, dispensaries, civil society organizations, private companies, individuals and other stakeholders to address sickle cell disease in Tanzania.

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