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Early Christmas

mary porterAbout 3 nano seconds after I opened my computer at 5:47 this morning I received a skype call from my sister. She lives in Canada so it was only 9:47 the night before for her. In my still groggy, pre-morning-ride state I was broadsided by three fifty- something women screeching like 6-year olds (see the video on facebook). But they had good cause. Mary Porter and Kirstie Carter, two members of Pam and Company and the two ladies in the photo, had just surprised my sister by showing up at her house singing Christmas carols and carrying a huge cheque. Mary and Kirstie had participated in a vendors event that always gives a portion of profits to charity. They had convinced the organisers of the event that ‘Cycle 4 Sickle Cell’ should be the designated charity this year. And it was! So at 5:47 this morning three screeching women (that’s my story anyway) presented me with a cheque for $3,444.39 by skype. Fantastic guys! Thanks so much. But next time, call around lunch time.

Don’t forget to donate to the Sickle Cell Foundation of Tanzania.

ChipIn: Sickle Cell Foundation of Tanzania

Just keep walking (2)

I have been off at a cottage in Canada for the last week and out of range of the internet, cell phones, everything. But I did borrow a bike. A couple of days ago I went for a ride on a local trail. About twelve kms in I punctured. Its’ becoming a habit. I was on a borrowed bike. I was on a remote trail. There was a saddle bag but no spare tube or patch kit and no pump on the bike. I had no money on me, and I did not take a cell phone. So I walked – for 12 kms. A victory for existentialism.

Canada Day

July 1st is Canada Day. But it is also day 2 (stage 1) of the 2012 Tour de France. So let’s see what Ryder Hesjedal, the sole Canadian rider in the field this year, can do today. He gave up 18 seconds to Cancellara yesterday. Good start.