How high can you go?

Day 38, stage 29, 85km

Start, forest camp

Finish, river camp

Today was a shorter day. So, quite logically I think, we all thought that it would be a bit easier. None of it. It was still full on. Because today we had to cycle to the highest point of the whole tour, over 3150 metres. We climbed and we climbed and we climbed. We knew when we had reached the highest point, not because there was a marker or a cairn, but because there was a big, blue, Chinese-built factory. The route from now into Addis had many more recently built Chinese factories.

There was a nice descent into camp today, which was by a river. We were also close to a town. So we walked in and found a couple of hotels on the Gorge with great views and cold beer. Some of the racers were there too. They had arrived before noon and had gone into town and had a big feed of spaghetti. While we were having a beer around 3:30 they arrived again and ordered more spaghetti. Back at camp at 5:30 we had a huge pasta dinner.  Gotta get those calories in.

One f the thtings I am pleased about is that my lungs seem to be operating well at altitude. I do feel it. But I have not had any adverse affects and seem to be able to manage the effort without too much problem.

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